Our Favourites

„Himmel un Ääd“ € 11,90
fried slices of black pudding
with braised onions,
smashed potatoes & stewed apples
a, g, 2 

Bier-Esel „Currywurst“ € 12,90
 Fried sausage half pork /half veal
with fruity curry sauce & French fries

Fresh Fried Sausage € 13,90
with creamy savoy cabbage, gravy
&  fried potatoes
a, g, 2 

Bacon Pancake € 11,90
with side salad
a, c, g, 2

Knuckle Meat with creamy savoy cabbage € 15,90
Fried potatoes & gravy
a, g, 2

Minced Meat Steak Mayer € 14,90
With braised onions, fried egg,
fried potatoes & side salad
a, c, g, i, 1, 2

„Leberkäse“ € 13,90
meat loaf with braised onions, fried egg,
fried potatoes, sweet mustard & side salad
c, g j, 2 

Cold Roast Beef € 15,90
Slices of roast beef with homemade remoulade,
fried potatoes & salad bouquet
c, g, j, 2

Beef „Suurbrode“ € 17,90
Marinated pot roast „Rhineland style“
in raisin sauce, with potato dumplings
& apple compote
h, i, 1, 2 

Crispy Grilled Knuckle of Pork
approx. 1200g
with rye bread roll € 18,90
with fried potatoes & coleslaw € 21,90
approx. 20 min. preparation time
i, 1, 2

Beer Snacks

Ground Pork Bites € 3,00
with a quarter rye bread roll,
fresh ground pork & onions
a, g

Ground Beef Bites € 3,50
with a quarter rye bread roll,
fresh Tatar & onions
a, g

Meatball homemade € 3,90
a, g, j

„Halve Hahn“ € 6,90
thick slice of Beemster cheese,
with rye bread roll & butter
a, g, j, 1

Bieresel bread € 5,90
baked ground pork on baguette
with onions
a, g, j, 2, 3

Vegetarian Corner

„Käsespätzle“ € 13,90
Cheese noodles
with braised onions & side salad
a, c, g, 2

Vegan Swabian Raviolis € 15,90
Filled with buckwheat & vegetables,
in hearty champignon broth,
seasonal vegetables, braised onions & fresh herbs
a, f, i

Mussels from the shell

Garlic Mussels € 14,90
fried in olive oil, with fresh garlic,
baguette & salad bouquet
a, n, 2

Mussels „Phil‘s Style“ (piquant) € 14,90
mussel meat without shells, onions, dill,
white wine, French Dijon mustard,
tomatoes, chilli, baguette & salad bouquet
a, n, 2

Musels „Italian Style“ € 16,90
Linguine with tomato sauce and mussel meat,
olive oil, olives, basil, thyme,
garlic & onions
a, g, n, 2

Bier-Esel Classics

Additional side salad 1,50 €

Schnitzel „Viennese Style“ pork* € 14,90
with French fries
a, c

Schnitzel „Hunter Stylepork* € 16,90
with champignon sauce
& French fries
a, c, g, i, 1

Cordon Bleu pork* € 17,90
filled with cheese and ham
served with French fries
a, c, g, 2

Viennese Schnitzel free range veal* € 21,90
with cranberries
& French fries
a, c, g, j


Salad „Bier-Esel“ € 14,90
fresh mixed salads
in homemade yoghurt dressing,
fried turkey steaks from free range husbandry with chilli sauce
a, c, g, h, j, 2

Green Summer Salad € 13,90
with pea and mint balls, green asparagus, broccoli,
peas, mangetouts, lettuce, quinoa, pomegranate seeds
& green herb sauce
f, j, k, m

Salad à la Chef € 13,90
mixed lettuces in homemade yoghurt dressing,
tomato, cucumber, carrot, radish with two fried eggs & fried potatoes with bacon
a, c, g, h, j, 2

Salad Goat Cheese € 14,90
Goat cheese & thyme honey
baked in brick dough seasonal lettuces, roasted walnuts, pickled grapes & honey mustard dressing
a, j, m, h

Fish Main Dishes

Maties „North Frisian Style“ € 13,90
Pink, slightly smoked herring fillets,
in vinaigrette, red onions & fried potatoes
n, 2

Maties „Homemade Style“ € 13,90
Pink, slightly smoked herring fillets, in fine dill cream sauce, with onions, apples & cucumbers,
served with potatoes
g, n, 2

Slices of home-pickled salmon € 15,90
with honey mustard dill sauce,
crispy hash browns & salad bouquet
d, j, 2

Fish & Chips € 16,90
Cod fillet baked in beer batter
with garlic mayonnaise & French fries
a, d, c, 2

Homemade Potato Fritters

Monday to Wednesday: 3 pieces

with apple puree € 9,90
Brown bread & butter
a, g, 2

with salmon € 14,90
Slices of home-pickled salmon,
horseradish & honey dill mustard,
brown bread & butter
a, g, d, j, 2

with fried black pudding € 12,90
braised onions, brown bread & butter
a, g, 2

with ground beef € 14,90
brown bread & butter
a, g

with ground maties €14,90
& a maties fillet, brown bread & butter
a, g, d, 2

additional potato fritter € 2,50

Food additives and allergenes

1 contains colouring(s), 2 contains preservative(s), 3 contains antioxidants, 4 contains flavour enhancer, 5 sulphured, 6 blackened, 7 contains phosphate, 8  contains milk protein, contains caffeine, 10 contains chinine, 11 contains sweeteners, 12 waxed a gluten b shellfishes c eggs d fish e peanuts f soy g milk / milk products h nuts / pulse i celery j mustard k sesame seeds l sulfur dioxid / sulfites m lupine n mollusces