Kraft broth
€ 8,50
with vegetable strips and marrow dumplings

Main courses

Carrots and mash
€ 15,50
(carrots and mashed potatoes)
with meatball and onion jus

Boiled beef
€ 23.50
with a horseradish sauce, boiled potatoes and beetroot salad

Beef roulade according to grandma’s recipe
€ 21,90
filled with bacon, mustard, pickles,
served with root vegetables in herb cream and homemade mashed potatoes

Truffle fries
€ 14,50
with parmesan, chives, truffle and homemade truffle mayonnaise

Vegan corner

Vegan potato soup
€ 7,90
Creamy puree with herbs


Vegan mixed bean salad
€ 15,50
with wax beans, French beans and black beans,
a salad bouquet, falafel and a homemade sesame sauce


Vegan semolina pudding
€ 7,90
on a forest fruit mirror

Lemon and vodka sorbet

€ 9,90
Two scoops of lemon sorbet
infused with 2cl vodka